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Agneta Grove and practice has been part of our family’s journey for the last 4 years. We were referred to her by two different spesialist. Both our Paediatrician, as well as ENT specialist, highly recommended Agneta Grove to assist with both hearing tests and speech development.

Right from the very beginning we were welcomed with professional services and kindness . In a very unsure time, Agneta guided us step by step. It made no difference if she was working with children or adults, at her table there is always space for everyone.

Agneta is a positive, hard working, committed, professional, Quality orientated Speech therapist and audiologist. She sets firm guidelines with the most understanding heart. She spends one on one time, building up and bending to the level needed to reach her patients. She shows up prepared to make the most of every session. She looks at every angle from emotional support to the best medical options. She fights to give her patients the best advances.

Her practice and staff are top notch. They also keep a surplus of education books, toys and learning aids in both Afrikaans and English at the most affordable prices. Reading and playing whiles learning has become our family’s bedrock.

Agneta even worked alongside the Dr’s and other therapist to get the best results possible. She is well known and recommended by everyone. She is a team player. Agneta will aways put her patients’ needs and well being before herself. The progress we have made alongside her is outstanding.

Not once was I left in the dark or unsure about the road ahead. Agneta has got impeccable character, I trust her completely. If you ever have the privilege to meet Agneta, you would know without a doubt she caries you along in her prayers at night. I have not only drawn from her strength, but also learned life skills through her examples. Thank you is a too small word.


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