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Do I need a hearing aid?

According to Statistics one out of two people over the age of 60 struggle to hear and one in 5 between the ages of 40 -60 years. Hearing losses affect clarity of speech and increase the discomfort of participating in a group situation. Our senses improve the general quality of life – that is why any people wear glasses. Hearing abilities might be the most important sense of all as it connects us socially.

It is thus vital to assess your hearing abilities and fit a hearing aid or hearing aids as soon as losses are diagnosed. Your Audiologist will assist you in making decisions that fit your lifestyle and the sound generated by your hearing aids will be customised to your individual experience. Specialized equipment is used to obtain an accurate diagnosis which will indicate the type of hearing loss, degree, and even possible causes of this loss. If required hearing aids will be discussed with you. Hearing aids are minicomputers whereby frequency specific amplification is rendered to you according to your individual diagnosis and test results. All sounds are thus not amplified equally and by means of special equipment individual settings will be programmed into your hearing aid. Newest brands of hearing aids are rechargeable which means you can do away with batteries. They are also Bluetooth compatible which enables the wearer to make further individual changes when needed, via an app. (Provided you have a smart phone.) Some hearing aids and cell phones even enable you to take calls directly into your hearing aids and sometimes even making a hands-free call. There are various models available, and your Audiologist will explain all the manufacturers and models with you to make an informed decision.

Living with a hearing loss is tiring and research has shown that it can also affect your ability to remember. A lot of effort is thus needed to cope with communication leaving you with a feeling of exhaustion and often depleting your mental resources. Using hearing aids also assist in reducing mental decline and dementia.

Treating your hearing losses by acquiring hearing aids which will enable you to socialize better, communicate better, be socially active and stimulate the brain to keep you mentally fit!

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